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The genesis of Aesthetiq Shop was our founder’s dream, combined with an unwavering commitment to building a business he could stand behind. With hard work and dedication, he turned a dream into success by making sure each and every customer left his store a little more beautiful and a lot happier. What started out as a family-owned business has evolved into a prestigious collection comprised of hand-selected exclusive products from around the world. But our distinctive character of providing honest, informed solutions for each customer remains the same and all our decisions are guided by our longstanding company values. Today, Aesthetiq Shop successfully offers beauty products and services in USA. Whenever you’re visiting any of our stores, we promise to provide amazing customer service. After all, our highly rated customer service made us one of the successful family-owned beauty brands in USA.

Aesthetiq Shop Benefits

Our mission is to give back to our customers and offer them the best beauty deals, that’s why we started our Aesthetiq Shop loyalty program, where our clients can unlock exciting perks and exclusive rewards. This Beauty Bonus program is available in our Aesthetiq Shop stores. Additionally, Aesthetiq Shop members get exclusive emails with promotional offers, Flash Sales, and gifts before we announce them on Social Media pages or on our website, https://aesthetiqbeauty.com/

Why Us?

Like no other, the beauty industry presents an overwhelming number of choices. We work hard to know our products inside and out, so you don’t have to. And it’s our dedication to constant training and education that makes us genuine curators of everything beauty. We relentlessly seek those products that are leading the next real evolution of beauty. Searching the world for the latest advances from the best manufacturers, you can count on us to always deliver expertise for your benefit – beautifully. Backed by the Aesthetiq Shop family of professionals, we showcase the world’s superior beauty products. All chosen for their quality and distinction – just for you. Currently, Aesthetiq Shop offers more than 5,000 amazing and high-quality beauty products in skincare, makeup, haircare, tools & accessories, clean beauty products, and fragrance. We consistently strive to provide our customers a wide assortment of basics to prestige beauty products all in one place. Our team of expert associates has a combined 20 years of experience in beauty products and services. After listening to our customers, we understood the need to get their beauty products as quickly as possible. That’s why in 2020, Aesthetiq Shop partnered with Postmates to offer “Same Day Delivery” to our customers, and now products are being delivered to their doorsteps in a matter of hours through the Aesthetiq Shop webpage.


We know you like what you see and we want to know if you have something in mind?
Give your opinion on which color and style suits you best. Give our model a second glance to see what styling tricks he/she is wearing to make an outfit look cool.
Do you want some tips to get that handsome or beautiful look? Text us! T: +1 949-697-3677


Today, the fashion industry is dominated by mass production and by advertisers. We are on a mission to change that. We believe that shampoo can tell a story and our thread runs true for all the creations we provide to you.
We don’t want you to look like anyone else but yourself. At Mighty Bright we believe in quality people upcycling quality garments.
Leading by

Fashion is in the eye of the wearer, so wear what you want, and be free to explore.
And we believe life should have no limits.


"No matter how many times we come back, the feeling never gets old" - 'My 19 Years with You'
If you have an idea that #Brand is working on, tell us about it. We are devoted to improving our services and building for our people for the long haul.
It’s not just us - It's about YOU!

For the last 19 years, we have served our people by business insights, strategies and advice with #personalized customer service.
We're committed to listening to the needs and goals of all our customers.
And we believe that those #customers deserve nothing less than the best, tailored experience each time they reach out to us.
That's why we’ve invested in

Untold stories of our unending love for the people
Our day-to-day workdays are a celebration of why we exist -- to serve the less fortunate. This is why we have been doing this for 19 years.
We give them hope and create moments they will always remember. Stories that can be passed on generation after generation to come.


Legal Name: Aesthetiq Shop
Warehouse Address: 1 Garrison Loop, Ladera Ranch, California, Zip Code: 92694, United States
Phone: +1 949-697-3677
Email: info@aesthetiqbeauty.com